News & Events


20 Stage 2 Homeroom Mass
23 Galilee Gathers Campbell/Forbes
27 Supporting Beginner readers parent info session 9am
28 Early Closure 2.30pm Staff training
6 Homeroom Mass Sommers and Nizzola
9 Galilee Gathers Janssan
10 Parish Family Mass 5.30pm
12 Adelaide Cup Public Holiday
13 School Photo Day
17 SA State Election - Galilee Hall will be set up as an official polling Booth
20 Homeroom Mass Early Years
21 AGM 6.45pm
23 Galilee Gathers Westover
25 Feast of the Annunciation
26 Holy Week
28 Community Prayer Stations of the Cross Emberton Homegroup Hosting
30 Good Friday (Public Holiday)
2 Easter Monday (Public Holiday)
3 Whole School Easter Mass 9.15am
6 Sports Day
10 1st Sacrament Workshop 5.30pm
13 Last Day Term 1 3.10pm Dismissal

News At Galilee

At Galilee we share news in a number of ways. You may receive emails, text messages, homeroom newsletters and the occasional paper note.

Our primary form of communication is our fortnightly newsletter. This is distributed via email and contains important information and dates which families need to be aware of.

We also share Galilee news and learning journeys. It is a great way to keep in touch with the vairety of things that happen here at Galilee. If you require further information or would like to be added to our mailing list please email