Cardijn College Galilee provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the world through an engaging and meaningful curriculum that helps them to acquire knowledge and develop the skills, attitudes and confidence to be lifelong learners. Religious Education, Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Music, Science and in particular Environmental Education are the focus of learning at Galilee.

Learning is provided inside and outside in spaces and places that are inviting, intriguing and flexible in design, leading to deep learning and supporting student wellbeing. Galilee takes a sustainable approach to learning based on an understanding that there is a reciprocal relationship between the physical and psychological environments.

At Galilee we hold a strong image of each child as full of potential and born with enormous capacity. We believe that learning to be fully ourselves begins with a commitment to encouraging ability, providing opportunities and allowing the potential in each one of us to unfold.

In the middle school, our capability-focussed curriculum is unique to Cardijn with interdisciplinary style learning in subjects such as:

Future Thinking which encompasses Mathematics and Science, with elements of Design & Technology and Digital Technologies

Global Perspectives which integrates the subjects of Religion, English, Humanities and Social Sciences

Healthy Lifestyles which incorporates Physical Education, Health and Personal Development.

Languages - Indonesian and Italian are both studied at Year 7, with students able to make a choice between them at Year 8 and beyond.

For more information on learning and curriculum at Galilee please contact us on 8557 9000.

SCHOOL News & Events

27 July 2021
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20 July 2021
Please visit the link below for an important update from Principal Dr Paul Rijken. Read more ...
12 February 2021
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