Catholic Education South Australia


2020 Fees Information


Galilee Catholic School uses an income approach for fee setting, which focuses on the family’s financial capacity, where the underlying premise is that all families pay fees that are determined by family income levels.

Currently our income levels are as follows;


Annual Income


Below $57870


$57871 - $65000


Above $65000



Galilee supports the concept of equitable financial responsibility on all members of its community and payments of fees by the due date or by way of regular payments is part of the process. To achieve this goal, the school encourages regular communication between all parties in relation to the payment of fees.

Accounts can be paid by cash, EFTPOS, cheque, direct debit, credit card, Centrepay or Bpay. It is preferable for all fees to be paid when they are due. However, families are encouraged to make regular payment of accounts through direct debit to assist them in meeting their commitments. Direct Debit frequency can be fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or three equal instalments.

Fees paid as a lump sum by 31st March of current fee year will attract a 5% discount off the tuition component of school fees due. This discount does not apply to composite fees or levies as well as extracurricular activities such as camps, aquatics, year 7 jumpers and or any sporting events.

 Fee Information 2020.pdf
 Fees Calculations 2020.pdf