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Galilee Chaplaincy Program


The Chaplaincy program at Galilee Catholic School is a voluntary program, which aims to support the wellbeing of students and families. This includes supporting the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of students and families in our community. All children and families are different so we work to provide support in a number of ways to enable access to the program for families and students as they choose.


The role of the chaplain:

  • •    To support parents and carers to access services in the local community for family wellbeing.
  • •    To support parents and carers develop social networks, which foster community, belonging and respect and in turn bring personal wellbeing. 
  • •    To support students to develop social and emotional skills to get along and function in a school and community setting. 
  • •    To encourage positive values as members of a community and the need for all members of the community to respect, welcome and help one another. 



  • •    In-classroom support for individual students in developing social and emotional learning skills. This is through games, can involve developing and supporting friendships with others
  • •    Breakfast morning for parents/carers after Community prayer time which includes informal conversation, connecting and referral to appropriate support services as requested
  • •    Cooking program where students are involved in preparing meals for local community members in need, with a focus on our need to use our hands to help others
  • •    Craft and other activities to support students in developing social skills relating to conversation, forming friendships, teamwork
  • •    Assisting in liaising with local community groups and events – local pageants, family activities


Chaplaincy service links into other school support services and networks 

  • •    The Chaplain can links families to services in the Galilee Community 
    • o    Galilee Catholic Parish and Parish worker
    • o    Centacare family counseling services
    • o    St Vincent De Paul Financial Counseling Services
    • o    Galilee OpShop
    • •    The Chaplain can linkAldinga  families to services in the wider community
    • o    Child Mental health care service (through principal)
    • o    Headspace
    • o    Children and Communities
    • o    Aldinga Community Centre Services


Galilee Catholic School offers other services/activities that are not funded through the chaplaincy program such as:

    • •    Special Education Support Program
    • •    Behaviour Support Programs 
    • •    Parish workers/priests– Sr Margaret Ann and parish priests
    • •    Religious Education Curriculum and prayer and liturgy celebrations 
    • •    Sacramental Program

If families enquire about these programs, they will be referred to the relevant parish or school staff member.



    • 1.    How can you contact the program for support for yourself or a student?
    • o    Contact your child’s homeroom teacher
    • o    Contact the school principal or APRIM via the administration office
    • o    If you require a 1:1 appointment please contact the office to arrange a time for you to meet the chaplain
    • 2.    How can my child opt out of the program, or elect not to join the program?
    • o    It is a voluntary program, you can choose not to provide consent or withdraw consent at any time by simply speaking with the chaplain, principal, APRIM.
    • 3.    Galilee has a complaints policy which can be found online or please contact the school principal, deputy principal or APRIM
    • 4.    How do we know the program is beneficial
    • o    Each year a community consultation is undertaken to review the program and aspects of the program. This is via a survey for families, staff and a review with students. This information enables us to make changes and best meet the well being needs of those in our community.
    • 5.    I am not Catholic, how will this be taken into consideration?
    • o    Galilee is a Catholic School and in enrolling you have chosen to support the policies of the school. 
    • o    The Chaplain will work within the policies of the school at all time which includes acknowledging and respecting the many and varied faiths and values of members of the community
    • o    You may withdraw from the program at any time




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