Catholic Education South Australia

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Prayer and Liturgy



Prayer and liturgy are important aspects of life and learning at Galilee. Everyone in our community is welcome and invited to set aside time for personal or communal prayer as a way of enriching our relationships with God, with self, one another and our world.

The symbols of sand, water, vine and candle have played an important role in connecting us with the love of God and the gift of our place here at Aldinga Beach.The water reminds us of the sea that gives life, of the fresh water springs from the tears of Tjilbruke, Kaurna ancestor and of Jesus, living water for all who thirst.The sand reminds us of the hills that surround us like the love of God that hugs and holds us. The candle reminds us of Jesus, who is with us always. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” We know we need to stay close to Jesus for the courage and compassion to be community.

During prayer we bring our cares and concerns remembering the loving presence of God in our everyday lives. We value the place of reflection and stillness and so students at Galilee learn about prayer and are given opportunities to experience prayer in many settings. Families and other community members are often also invited into various settings for prayer.

At Galilee we value the questions and experiences of our children and so aim to involve children (and families) in every aspect of planning and celebrating prayer experiences. Community Prayer each Wednesday morning is a time for the whole community to gather for a simple prayer time. Each homegroup makes time every school day to stop for prayer and reflection. In many of our activities (planting and cooking) we bless our seeds, plants, and the work of our hands as a sign of the ways we co-operate with God’s vision for justice and creation. Students and families are also involved in creating sacred spaces for prayer in different areas of the school.

Liturgy is a particular form of prayer in the Catholic Tradition and there are a number of opportunities for engagement with liturgy through homegroup mass, whole school mass, special blessings, parish mass on a Saturday evening and various celebrations of the Sacraments.