Galilee's environment embodies the beliefs and values of those who live and learn here.

Every space has identity and purpose and this means that our beliefs and values can be inferred from the material form of the learning community.

Galilee recognises that children make sense of their world and engage with creation through play.

We believe that the environment is a co-teacher and that action in the environment will:

  • Initiate learning processes that transform participants
  • Develop children's ability to create preferred futures
  • Foster faith-oriented values, behaviours and lifestyles

In the early years children need personal experience of their environment and agency in their environment.

Our early years students:

  • Nurture plants and experience plant life cycles
  • Care for small animals
  • Create and care for play environments
  • Manage school-based recycling

In the middle years of childhood children become increasingly aware of their place in a peer group.

Our middle years students work together to:

  • Grow their capacity to influence local environmental systems
  • Create and use outdoor places to promote relationships

Students aged 10 -12 experience a developing interest in understanding of their place the world.

Our older students work with other age groups to:

  • Appreciate and act to protect/restore global environmental systems: and,
  • Create and use outdoor places that promote reflection and community.

SCHOOL News & Events

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