Student Wellbeing

Cardijn College considers the holistic development of all students to ensure that their physical, social, and emotional well-being is fostered and nurtured. This development takes place by focusing on a student’s strengths and allowing them the opportunity to flourish and achieve to their full potential.

Cardijn College staff inspire, engage, and promote lifelong and life-wide learning so that students are developed into well-rounded graduates who are active and informed citizens to the communities in which they live. Providing and establishing an atmosphere of 'safety' and belonging is seen as necessary to facilitate individual growth and expression.

Wellbeing is intimately connected with the evangelical and religious goals of the College. At Cardijn College Galilee Campus:

  1. We explicitly teach social and emotional learning incorporating the Berry Street Education Model, Zones of Regulation curriculum, circle time and the personal and social capabilities
  2. Each home homeroom visually represents a Homeroom Agreement
  3. We actively affirm and celebrate respectful behavior across the school (positive postcards and certificates)
  4. Measure inappropriate behaviour in line with the Homeroom Agreement
  5. Use whole school practices
  6. Students are offered counselling. Sometimes students need support and professional advice in dealing with their growing and ever-changing world. We are fortunate to have a counsellor on site three days per week. We also have a school Chaplain who offers assistance and support to students. If you would like your child to have some extra support, encourage them to make an appointment by contacting their homeroom teacher.

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