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Values and Vision

Welcome, Respect and Construct

Hundred Languages


“At Galilee we encourage children to express themselves in many ways. It is about observing the whole child and goes hand-in-hand with your image of the child. Then itʼs about providing an environment that engages learners with thoughtful teacher provocations or with learning that emerges organically from the child.” Galilee staff Bec & Kerri.


 The Hundred Languages of Childhood.pdf

Image of the Child


ʻWe chose Galilee because we love the way children are encouraged to learn in ways that are best for them. They are encouraged to be independent and make choices about how they learn, about where they learn and about how they will be constructive with their learning.ʼ Galilee parents Ro, Liz and Monique.

Children are unique individuals, strong and capable. From the moment they are born children use their extraordinary wealth of inborn abilities, strength and creativity to build relationships and mental models for personal, interpersonal, social, cognitive, affective and even symbolic ways of knowing. Underlying our relationships and interaction is the belief that children are not shaped by experience but rather that they give shape to experience.

Environment as third teacher


Galileeʼs environment embodies the beliefs and values of those who live and learn here. Every space has identity and purpose and this means that our beliefs and values can be inferred from the material form of the learning community.

 Environment as

Community of Learners



“Learning at Galilee is really good because you make friends and join in with others.” Daniel aged 11. ʻAt Galilee learning is ongoing and there is time to come back to projects, to make sense of thinking and thus to try out new thoughts and ideas.ʼ Visiting educational consultant Vicki.

Galileeʼs clear image of the child invites participation and makes everyone feel they are part of the community of learners.